The Monash Bioinformatics Platform is a core facility that provides bioinformatics support to the University and affiliated organisations in partnership with research groups and facilities.

They have a wide range of expertise in biological research fields requiring cutting edge computational techniques such as genomics, proteomics and structural biology.

They're also a hub for a distributed network of bioinformaticians embedded across the University and a partner in technical training and infrastructure development.

The Monash Bioinformatics Platform runs training workshops to introduce basic bioinformatics. These workshops are a great way to get an introduction to a type of analysis, but often it is necessary to spend time working with one of our members to customize an analysis for your specific needs.

We can also help with computing or storage resources required for bioinformatics projects, and run a regular special interest group for anyone at Monash interested in the nitty-gritty of bioinformatics.  Please sign-up for our mailing-list to stay informed.



Galaxy - Monash-hosted service for data intensive genomics via a point-and-click interface.

Degust - An interactive web tool for visualising Differential Gene Expression data.

 A/Prof David Powell's  Degust  app

A/Prof David Powell's Degust app

MyTardis - data management and publishing platform including integration with next-gen sequencers.

Sequencing Facilities available at the Monash:

1. Micromon




Bioinformaticians at Monash University have access to a wealth of high performance compute, cloud compute, storage and data visualisation technologies.

Research Cloud @ Monash (RC@Mon) - Provides over 2300 compute cores to research. The compute cloud is highly versatile and can provide a solution for almost any highly computational problem.

VicNode - Fully-backed up, always accessible storage (several thousands of terabytes and growing).

Monash Campus Cluster (MCC) - Monash University's central production-class 3000+ CPU-core HPC facility. Includes 1TB+ memory nodes, particularly useful for de-novo genome assembly.

Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment (MASSIVE) - the Australian specialised high-performance compute facility for imaging and visualisation. Monash University is a major partner and can provide computing power, with a particular emphasis on data visualisation.


Head over to our workshop archive for some great resources.