Monash bioinformatics-heavy research published in Nature

Monash University / Australian National University scientists and bioinformaticians have published their research in Nature.

The following is an excerpt from the Monash University press release:

Scientists have unravelled the 40 year mystery of how gene expression – the process by which the genetic blueprints in DNA are delivered to the cell’s protein-making machinery – is initiated. The research,published today in Nature, and conducted in Australia by Australian, German and Russian scientists, involved developing a new technique that takes snapshots of the first steps of protein synthesis from RNA in the cell. The first data was made freely available today with the release of an app for high-content data visualisation, called TCP viewer.
Researcher on the study, Dr Traude Beilharz from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery institute, said the approach and its results will allow future researchers and clinicians to study the way gene-expression goes awry and causes diseases, such as cancer.

The publication can be found on the Nature site.

Posted on July 28, 2016 .