October 2015: Intro to Python

Workshop held on: Oct 29, 2015



Connect to Jupyter Notebook

Click here to launch Jupyter Notebook in the web. Your username and password will be supplied to you on the day.

Future Learning

Here are some resources we find particularly useful and recommend for you:

  • CodeAcademy - Web-based interactive coding lessons

  • StackOverflow - What’s that error mean?! How do I do 'xyz' with my code? This site has all the answers.

  • Biostars - Run by the same folk as Stackoverflow but for bio(informatics) questions. An emerging fantastic resource.

  • Atlassian Git Tutorials - Git is a tough concept to understand. This is an amazing set of explanations with diagrams, from basic to advanced.

We're assembling a Bioinformatics Learning page as a resource for the community

Posted on January 18, 2017 .