September 2015: RNAseq using R

Instructors: Dr Stuart Archer, Roxane Legaie, Dr Paul Harrison, Steve Androulakis, Dr Haroon Naeem

Workshop held on: Sep 28, 2015 & Oct 1, 2015


Other Material:


Connect to R-Studio

Click here to launch R-Studio in the web. Your username and password will be supplied to you on the day.

Future Learning

Here are some resources we find particularly useful and recommend for you:

  • CodeAcademy - Web-based interactive coding lessons

  • StackOverflow - What’s that error mean?! How do I do 'xyz' with my code? This site has all the answers.

  • Biostars - Run by the same folk as Stackoverflow but for bio(informatics) questions. An emerging fantastic resource.

  • Atlassian Git Tutorials - Git is a tough concept to understand. This is an amazing set of explanations with diagrams, from basic to advanced.

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